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Binder Attachment Double Fold

Binder Attachment Double Fold
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This is a Brand New Factory Packed DOUBLE FOLD Binder

The CUT SIZE of the binding BEFORE folding is 1" The FINISH SIZE of the Binding AFTER folding is 1/4" top & bottom of fabric (These dimensions may vary depending on the material)

This Highest Quality Binder folds the tape in half around the fabric and then UNDERFOLDS Both the Top and Bottom edges of the binding. This is called a "CLEAN" or Double Fold Finish Top and Bottom.

This binder can be mounted onto ANY MACHINE!

Please note that the smaller sizes (1" and smaller) WILL become "Tight" if medium to heavy weight fabric binding is used. It is just NOT POSSIBLE to use heavier binding on the smaller sizes. It is NEVER possible to use Leather or Vinyl or other very heavy binding materials on this style binder. Light fabric binding works best on this style binder! AVAILABLE IN THESE SIZES

CUT & FINISH Top & Bottom

1/2" to 1/8"

5/8" to 5/32"

3/4" to 3/16"

7/8" to 7/32"

1" to 1/4"

1-1/8" to 5/16"

1-1/4" to 3/8"

1-3/8" to 13/32"

1-1/2" to 7/16"

1-3/4" to 9/16"

2" to 3/4"

This folder will fit:

SINGER 20U, 591, 241, 251, 281, 1591D, 31-15, 331K, and these popular brands:


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