Know the Machine Stitches 101 Blog 5

Know the Machine Stitches 101 Blog 5
Types Of Stitches 101: Helpful Tricks For Your New Sewing Machine

Have you just invested in a sewing machine and want to learn more? Review this guide on the different types of stitches and begin your new sewing techniques today.

Types of stitches

People have hand sewn clothing for over 20,000 years. It wasn't until 1790 when a complete sewing machine was patented. Once the sewing machine became widely used, women began to crave more stitches.

Today, there are several different types of stitches. Some serve a specific purpose, while others are more decorative.

If you are new to sewing, keep reading for a complete guide to all of the different stitches available to you on sewing machines today.

Straight Stitch

This is the one everyone knows. It is your basic, run-of-the-mill stitching in a straight line. If you are just starting out, this is a great place to start.

This stitch is best for general sewing and topstitching

Basting Stitch

This one is almost exactly like the straight stitch, except they are longer and easier to remove. This stitch will make your life much easier, and your work much faster.

There are two reasons to use a basting stitch. The first is that you want to gather fabric. The second is you need a preliminary stitch to hold the fabric together and serve as a guide.

Tacking Stitch

Look for the stitch options that have a lightning bolt on them. These stitches will perform an automatic tack at the end of the stitch. This saves you from having to back stitch and prevents your stitch from unraveling.

If you see a stitch that has two lightning bolts, one at the beginning and end, then it will tack at the beginning and end. This feature is best for when you want to really secure your stitches.

Double Needle Stitch

Have you ever noticed the two rows of stitching on the hem of your T-shirt or knit garment? The double needle stitch will replicate this by using two needles that are side by side.

This stitch is perfect for hemming and topstitching. It is especially useful if you are sewing knits.

Triple Stretch Stitch

The triple stitch is a line of stitches that consists of three parallel stitches. This stitch allows your fabric to stretch and move while also giving it stability and reinforcement.

The needle moves forward to make the first stitch, then back to make the second, then forward to make the third. This forward and back stitching allows the fabric to stretch.

This stitch is best for sewing stretchy fabrics. This way, the material will flex and stretch through the seams.

Zig Zag Stitch

This stitch is probably the second most popular kind of stitch behind the straight line. It should be no surprise that it looks like a zig-zag line when stitched.

It's so popular because it is versatile in its uses. You could use it to sew stretchy fabrics where you want the material to have some give.

You can also use this stitch to finish the edge of your fabric. It works so well because you can cover more area than a single straight line stitch.

Multi-Stitch Zig Zag

This stitch is similar to the zig zag, except that instead of single large stitches, there are many little ones. This gives the stitch greater stability and reinforcement.

This intense version of the zig zag works best for adding elastic, finishing seam edges, patching, or reinforcing.

Honeycomb Stitch

This is a crazy looking stitch but works great for making a decorative stitch. It also works well to save the edge of fabric that is fraying.

If you plan to add elastic to your project, this is an excellent stitch to attach it. It has some give and allows for stretch.

Blind Hem Stitch

If you plan to make clothing, then you'll want to get familiar with this stitch. It elevates the topstitch. The hem will look neater and cleaner with this stitch.

This stitch works by having the foot hide the majority of stitches on the inside. Then the topside on has tiny stitches to anchor the hem.

Buttonhole Stitch

You've seen buttons and buttonholes before. This is the stitch that creates the hole that you put the button through. It will sew a series of super tight zig-zag stitches to create a rectangle.

All you have to do then is cut the small slit in the middle. Now you have a buttonhole.

Button Stitch

Once you create the buttonhole, you'll need to sew the button on. You could do this by hand. But why would you do that when you could have your sewing machine do the work?

This stitch has the needle go back and forth between the buttonholes to secure it to your garment.

Decorative Stitches

These stitches are fun design elements that can add a decorative edge to your fabric. Or you can use them in any way you see fit to add some extra pizzazz to your fabric.

The best thing to do with these is to grab a spare scrap of fabric and try them out. Adjust the settings to see how the stitch changes. You could even layer them to create your own design.

Satin Stitches

These are decorative stitches that can add flair and embellishment to your sewing project. The stitches are grouped tightly together to look similar to embroidery.

You will usually see these stitches in basic shapes such as squares, circles, ovals, diamonds, triangles, or scallops. You could do a scalloped stitch around the edge of your fabric and then trim along the stitch.

Know the Different Types of Stitches When it comes to sewing machine stitches, it is best to practice them on scrap material. That way, you have confidence and skill when it comes time to sew your fabric.

Learning the different types of stitches can help you create more professional looking pieces and make your life easier.

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